Axeman's All-time New York Giants Team 1925-Present

Axeman's All-time Giants Super Bowl Team
Axeman's All-time New York Giants Team 1925-Present
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Name Position Years with New Jersey Giants
Mel Hein C 1931-45
Bart Oates C 1985-93
Jack Stroud G 1953-64
Bob Kratch G 1989-93
Chris Snee G 2004-present
Rosey Brown OT 1953-65
Jumbo Elliot OT 1988-95
Doug Riesenberg OT 1987-95
Phil Simms QB 1979-93
Y.A. Tittle QB 1961-64
Eli Manning QB 2004-present
Tiki Barber HB 1997-2006
Rodney Hampton HB 1990-96
Frank Gifford HB 1952-60 62-64
Maurice Carthon FB 1985-91
Charles Way FB 1995-99
Homer Jones WR 1964-69
Amani Toomer WR 1996-2008
Kyle Rote WR 1951-61
Ike Hilliard WR 1997-2004
Earnest Gray WR 1979-84
Mark Bavaro TE 1985-90
Jeremy Shockey TE 2002-07
Lawrence Taylor LB 1981-93
Brad Van Pelt LB 1976-83
Carl Banks LB 1984-92
Harry Carson LB 1976-88
Sam Huff LB 1956-63
Michael Strahan DE 1993-2007
George Martin DE 1975-88
Andy Robustelli DE 1956-64
Roosevelt Grier DT 1955-56 58-62
Jim Burt DT 1981-88
Eric Howard DT 1986-94
Emlen Tunnell DB 1948-58
Mark Collins DB 1986-93
Dick Lynch DB 1959-66
Phillippi Sparks DB 1992-99
Jim Patton DB 1955-66
Matt Bahr PK 1990-92
Dave Jennings P 1976-84
Dave Meggett PR 1989-93
Dave Meggett KR 1989-93
Emlen Tunnell KR 1948-58
Bill Parcells Head Coach 1983-90
Bill Belichick Defensive Coordinator 1979-90
Sean Payton Offensive Coordinator 2000-02

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